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I’ve recently been through a few hardships that have given me a very dark view of the world: life is unfair, people suck, everyone just wants to hurt you or take advantage of you. I can go on and on, but we’ll leave it at that. Let’s continue with the rest of the scenario.

It’s Friday morning. I’m sitting on my front porch before it was time for my step-daughter, to walk to her bus stop. I needed to ponder about something that I was about to be forced to give up. This was something very precious to me. My step-daughter was just a few houses down when she turned around and waved a second goodbye to me. At that moment, I heard the Power Rangers communicator alert (my ringtone for work emails). It was a staff member at James Madison Academic Campus who urgently needed to see me as soon as I arrived. Let’s call him Joe.

techthumbsupWhen I get there, Joe tells me to shut the door. My first thought is “oh man, this is gonna be good! He never closes the door.” It turns out there wasn’t anything wrong with his machines or anything else he usually blows out of proportion, but the sky was still falling. He pulls out two old flip phones that used to belong to him and his wife (Motorola V365). They wanted to create of a collection of things for their daughter before they send her off to college. Part of this package is photos of her growing up. The problem is very specific things are on these phones.

I made the truth come out. Joe became a little emotional when he told me the story about very specific videos he wanted for himself. His daughter wanted to go to the Hannah Montana concert years ago. He really didn’t want to deal with all the screaming little girls, but she promised him she wouldn’t scream. That girl was a liar! She was probably the loudest one at the concert. It didn’t matter, it was something Joe did for her and that made him happy. I was tingling inside because my step-daughter bugged me about that same concert.

At this point, I’m wondering what all of this has to do with me. The day before, Joe and his wife spent four hours driving around the city trying to find a way to get these media files from the phones. They’ve been to AT&T, Radio Shack, every store in a mall, Batteries Plus, and to my favorite part of his story, Best Buy. Everyone told him what he wanted wasn’t possible because the phones were too old. “But you’re the Geek Squad! How can you not be able to?!”

Joe’s wife gave up hope, but he was so hardheaded… or… I mean… determined that he had one last idea. The next morning, he triggered my Power Rangers ringtone.

“OK Joe, let me play around with them and see what I can do.” A few hours later, the amazing happened:

To be fair, I didn’t do anything miraculous. The phones and the Mac in my office have Bluetooth. It was a simple file transfer. The challenge was finding a free moment to sit down and do it. Get off me Geek Squad, you don’t want none of this!

We all shouldn’t have to struggle. Glad I could help with your kid, Joe. Tell me about your unnecessary struggles and follow me @TechThumbsUp for glimpses of my adventures.

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