Flipping Over Classrooms

As technology continues to evolve, the way we live our lives also change. Am I the only one who noticed the way we educate students hasn’t? Sure, we have SMART boards to add interactivity, and my latest endeavor of adding SMART Response systems for teachers at JMAC, but education itself is the same.

flipped classroom

I was listening to random podcasts over the last week and came across the idea of the flipped classroom. Traditionally, a student receives a lecture in the classroom, homework that consists of some reading, then a quiz in the next day or so. That’s the simplified version of course. But let’s flip that concept to the student watches a video of the lecture at home at their own pace, then the “homework” and activity is done in the classroom with their peers and teacher.

flipped classroom

I was intrigued by this, mainly because of some recent experiences. I partially came to the conclusion of asking for SMART Response systems by asking random teachers what piece of technology would they like to have and asked them not to consider money a factor and to use their imagination. One asked for “the best pencil sharpener money can buy” (I actually looked for this, Mrs. Ramlow), and another asked for a hologram machine (sorry Rube, I tried just for you). But Ms. Shana Lucas asked for podcast equipment. She wanted to pre-record her lessons for her students and make them accessible anywhere, which would also take her personal blog to the next level. Then you have teachers like Ms. Bandoian and Mr. Martin who already provide content and other materials out of their personal websites through Weebly: Ms. Bandoian’s Science Site, and Google Sites: JMAC Mr. Martin’s Social Studies Webpage. Each teacher had just a piece of the pie, and some of the ingredients were still missing from the overall concept, but could you imagine utilizing technology in this manner? Theoretically, teachers would have a better opportunity to see what level students are really on, versus waiting on a standardized test.

Curious? Listen to Nora Young’s ‘Spark’ episode 223 podcast: Flipping the Classroom as I did. While you’re at it, take a look at the following infographic and let me know your opinion.

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Flipped Classroom

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